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The SATRP Waste Tyre Plan in the making: an update

The SATRP Waste Tyre Plan has been in the making since 1999 when the major role players in the tyre industry started ideas on putting plans together to deal with the problem of waste tyres in South Africa.

During 2001 the Department of Environmental Affairs(DEA) was presented with the first plan. The SATRP Company (section 21) was also registered and a formal board formed. These were the days before the Waste Management Act and any related Regulations and only the Environmental Conservation Act (ECA) existed. DEA then suggested creating a MoU or an EMCA to provide structure to the plans.

In the interim many meetings were held with various stakeholders in the industry in shaping the SATRP Waste Tyre Plan. DEA also had various officials working on the waste tyre plan.

The SATRP Company was involved in the shaping of the Waste Management Act, 2008 and the resultant Waste Tyre Regulations, 2009 which are all based on Producer Responsibility as employed in especially the EU. During 2011 the SATRP plan was virtually complete but other issues arose that delayed the finalisation of the plan.

As of August 2013 the SATRP Waste Tyre Plan has been discussed with the DEA resulting in the SATRP Plan being finally submitted to DEA on 22 August 2013 for gazetting to obtain public comment over a 30 day period. This should be the final step before getting the plan finally approved by the Minister of Environmental Affairs.

In the present economic climate it is important to have competing waste tyre plans in the market. In this fashion the suppliers of tyres to the SA market will have a choice of which waste tyre plan will best serve their producer responsibility.

It is hoped that at least two waste tyre plans will be in the market before the end of 2013.

The SATRP Company Board is committed in conceptualising a best practice plan for SA and especially not over burdening the consumer and industries.


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